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Anaba Wines


Wine's journey from grape to glass always begins in the vineyard, where soil, wind, rain, sun and all the elements of nature combine to weave a rich tapestry called "terroir" or sense of place.

In our quest to craft exceptional wines, Anaba is committed to sourcing our grapes from the very best vineyards—farmed meticulously—yielding the finest fruit grown to our exacting standards. Our winemaking team, comprised of the talented duo of Ross Cobb and Katy Wilson, is dedicated to working with growers to farm to our specifications. Rootstocks and grape clones are carefully selected based on each vineyard's soil and its climate to assure each variety is suited to its environment. We employ canopy management techniques to optimize fruit maturation and color preservation. To enhance each variety's flavor profile, we religiously thin the clusters, allowing the grapevine to focus all its energy on only the best berries. Above all, we adhere to sustainable viticulture practices in the vineyard.

"All of our successful wines start with the good luck of being able to work with so many of the great grape growers in Sonoma County." - John Sweazey, Proprietor

Cobb explains, “I have found that if the work is done meticulously in the vineyard through canopy management and green dropping, then I’m able to pick the vineyard at beautiful maturity and full flavor.”  Further, “the vineyard manager and I have to be in constant communication three to four weeks before harvest to determine picking times—the pick time is critical to achieving the desired style of wine produced. The ability to pick when you want to pick—at the exact day, time and fruit temperature—can only be achieved with excellent communication.”

Wilson loves the microclimates of Sonoma County, pointing out that “it’s wonderful and interesting to be able to grow grapes and produce wines from such differing climates—all within the county. Sonoma affords us such diversity and the ability to be able to work with Burgundian as well as Rhône varietals, sometimes just a short drive apart.”

Anaba's Pinot Noir and Chardonnay come from the cooler regions of the Carneros, Sonoma Coast and Russian River Valley appellations, where the wind and fog are perfect for growing well-balanced Burgundian varieties. We source our Rhône varieties from the slightly warmer areas of the Sonoma Coast and Sonoma Valley growing regions, which are ideal for producing intense flavors and brilliant color.

Our growers are our partners and we are committed to long-term relationships. This allows us to consistently produce wines of the highest quality, priced fairly and offering each and every customer a valued experience, year after year.