Spread the Love – 2022 Anaba Rosé 6 Pack

$149 for six bottles

$14 shipping

Shipping included when purchasing two six packs.

This is the season to Spread the Love. But you can Spread the Love all year long with this Rosé.

John T. Sweazey, Proprietor

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like the color Pink.  It’s synonymous with this time of year and not just for the reasons you might be thinking.  At Anaba, when we think of Pink, we think of our Rosé of Grenache, not of pink heart candies with catchy phrases.  I can tell you this, my wife and I will be enjoying a bottle of this on Valentine’s Day, but also on Presidents’ Day and every other upcoming holiday.  This wine is incredible as an aperitif but also can perform as the main event, so don’t be bashful.  Buy up some of our Rosé today, and spread the love.

A perennial favorite here at Anaba, our Rosé is made from grapes sourced from the Flora Marie Vineyard, northwest of Santa Rosa.  Crisp and bright are how I believe Rosés should taste, and ours is the epitome of that.  Whenever I pour this wine for my friends, I always describe the taste as a ‘strawberry that isn’t quite ripe yet.’  Which essentially means you get the fruit flavor of the strawberry, but instead of sweetness on the finish you get a nice and crisp finish that keeps your palate craving more.

This bundle includes:

  • 6 × 2022 Turbine Rosé of Grenache
Pouring wine on Anaba's pickleball court.

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