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Anaba Wines

The Winds of Sonoma Lent Us Our Name

Our name originates from cool, upward-flowing anabatic winds that soar and swirl through our sustainably-farmed Carneros Estate vineyards.

Gifts of nature, these unique air currents enhance the quality of our vineyards making them more temperate, slowing down the ripening process, and allowing the grapes to develop more robust flavors and distinctive varietal characteristics.

Wind Power

In 2009, Anaba Wines became the first winery in Northern California to utilize wind power when owner, John Sweazey installed a 45-foot Skystream 3.7 wind turbine on the property to harness the anabatic winds. This single wind turbine generates electricity for Anaba’s tasting room, wine storage, office operations and irrigation pumps for the two estate vineyards.

As of April 2015, our wind turbine will help to power our electric car charging station. We added a Clipper Creek universal electric car charger which is available to guests visiting the tasting room. Anaba is committed to green initiatives. We continue to add protocols to minimize our carbon footprint.

WINE SPECTATOR: Turn, Turn, Turn: U.S. Wineries Try Wind Power, January 2010