Meet the anaba wines Team

Get to know the good people of Anaba

Our team’s dedication and drive are essential to the functionality of all that we do here at Anaba. From delicious wines to the emails and packages we send out, we can’t express how invaluable our Anaba Family is to the success that we’ve had and continue to have.

Katy Wilson centred in the foreground, raising a glass of white wine to her nose, with the winery behind her.

Katy Wilson


Winery Production Manager Brian Mascia wearing a blue hoodie, holding two bottles of Anaba Wine and smiling at camera.

Brian Mascia

Winery Production Manager

Ben Curley centred in the foreground, pouring Anaba red wine with his right hand, his left hand steadying the glass, with the Anaba tasting room in the background.

Ben Curley

Wine Club & E-Commerce Manager

Michelle Hogan sitting on a couch in the Anaba Tasting Room, holding a glass of white wine while she smiles at camera.

Michelle Hogan

Marketing Director

Casandra Knox seen in the foreground, smiling, holding a glass of red wine whilst sat on a blue couch, sets of tables and chairs arranged in the background.

Casandra Knox

Estate Director

Chef Maria centred in foreground, her right arm raised, her left holding a glass of red wine, a dim kitchen seen in the background.

Chef Maria

Executive Chef

Jesse Perez smiling, holding a wine glass, whilst balanced between two rows of wine barrels, each foot resting on a barrel on either side of him.

Jesse Perez

Cellar Master

John Sweazey smiling, holding a glass of red wine in the foreground, a blurred tasting room in the background.

John Sweazey


Pouring wine on Anaba's pickleball court.

Wind down at Anaba Wines

Get ready to relax on our patio or settle into the cozy embrace of our Vintners House as you discover the world of Anaba wines. Upon arrival, select your preferred flight and indulge in sips, stories, and a delectable selection of tasty nibbles.