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Online Orders

  • Please allow up to 2 business days for processing.
  • UPS/FedEx orders ship Monday through Thursday, and UPS temperature-controlled truck orders ship Fridays only
  • Signature of someone 21 or older is required for delivery (we suggest shipping to a commercial/work address or FedEx location)
  • For order assistance, please contact Joe at 707-996-4188 x107 or joe@anabawines.com

Club Orders

  • Wine club order processing dates will be emailed within 14 days of charging 
  • UPS is our default carrier, but other shipping modes can be arranged prior to processing
  • Tracking number will be emailed once your order is picked up by the carrier
  • For order assistance, please contact Lisa at 707-996-4188 x103 or club@anabawines.com

The laws governing direct-to-consumer shipments are different in every state and these regulations limit where we can ship wine and how much residents may receive. To ensure that you can order wine from our website and join our wine club, please review the information below. If your state is not listed, we are not allowed to ship directly to consumers. We are always making efforts to expand our shipping capabilities and you can help fight direct-to-consumer regulations by visiting http://www.freethegrapes.org/.

We are able to ship wine to all states listed below:

AZ Arizona 12 cases/individual/calendar year
CA California No limit
CO Colorado No limit
FL Florida No bottles over 3 liters in size
GA Georgia 12 cases/household/calendar year
ID Idaho 24 cases/individual/calendar year
IL Illinois 12 cases/individual/calendar year
IN Indiana 24 cases/individual/calendar year
IA Iowa No limit
KS Kansas 12 cases/household/calendar year
LA Louisiana 12 cases/household/calendar year, no bottles over 3 liters in size
MD Maryland 18 cases/household/calendar year
MA Massachusetts 12 cases/individual/calendar year
MI Michigan No limit
MN Minnesota 2 cases/individual/calendar year
MO Missouri 2 cases/individual/month
NE Nebraska (Available May 2020) 1 case/individual/month
NV Nevada 12 cases/individual/fiscal year
NH New Hampshire 12 cases/individual/calendar year
NJ New Jersey 12 cases/individual/calendar year
NM New Mexico 2 cases/individual/calendar month
NY New York 36 cases/individual/calendar year
NC North Carolina 2 cases/individual/calendar month
ND North Dakota 3 cases/individual/calendar month
OH Ohio 24 cases/household/calendar year
OR Oregon 2 cases/individual/calendar month
PA Pennsylvania 36 cases/individual/calendar year
SC South Carolina 2 cases/individual/calendar month
TN Tennessee 1 case/individual/month, max 3 cases/calendar year
TX Texas 3.75 cases/individual/month, max 15 cases/calendar year
VA Virginia 2 cases/individual/calendar month
WA Washington No limit (License #40086)
WI Wisconsin 12 cases/individual/calendar year
WY Wyoming 2 cases/household/fiscal year
OK Oklahoma 6 cases/individual/calendar year, *no third-party fulfillment

* DOB required for sender and recipient

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