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The Meaning of the Turbine Line + Behind the Scenes

Anaba has always strived to produce sustainable wines, and this vintage of our Turbine line is the most sustainable wine yet. It utilizes a lighter weighing glass to offset carbon emissions and will not use capsules. We source the fruit from family-owned vineyards that share our values regarding farming practices and caring for the land, with the shared goal of moving towards more organic farming practices. These strategies include using fewer fossil fuels throughout the vineyard by switching to electric and utilizing regenerative agriculture by planting cover crops.

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Katy Wilson's dog, Nico, looking out underneath a vineyard.

Anaba’s Earth Day

At Anaba, every day is Earth Day because we consider how all of our actions affect our environment. Protecting and improving the lands we work on is at the core of our values as it’s a part of every conversation and each decision we make; sustainability is present everywhere you look. Whether it’s behind the scenes or in the public eye, we hope our guests feel comforted and proud to support a business that cares for the environment. 

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