2021 Define Series – Petaluma Gap Chardonnay

Newly released Chardonnay from one of our favorite growers in the Petaluma Gap. Notes of guava and kiwi makes this wine the perfect pairing with any meal served with a nice lemon caper sauce. This Chardonnay is the perfect “I don’t usually like Chardonnay, but this one rocks”, Chardonnay.

With the inception of our Define Series here at Anaba, the goal has always been to do something Definitely Different with our wine-making style.  With this new 2021 Petaluma Gap Chardonnay, we’ve done two things differently.  Firstly, this is our first Petaluma Gap AVA Chardonnay that we have made.  Secondly, with this production of our Define Series Chardonnay, we implemented a reductive style of winemaking.  Reduction is sometimes known as a wine fault, but there is a positive side to reductive style that brings a flint or struck matchstick character to the wine, which is often a hallmark of many Old World Chardonnays. By barrel fermenting with more solids, we have created a Chardonnay that expresses this “good” reduction.

Technical Details

Pouring wine on Anaba's pickleball court.

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