2021 Flora Marie Grenache

Our first Single-Vineyard Grenache from Flora Marie Vineyard, we couldn’t be more pleased. Aromas of bramble fruit on the nose, with bright notes of delicate cherry and rose petal finish with a nice and light finish with a hint of spice. Who needs a GSM when you’ve got G that’s this good.

People often associate Grenache with being one of the key components of the famous GSM blends. GSM blends tend to be full bodied red wines, so if this is your first time drinking a California Grenache, you may be surprised at how light and bright this wonderfully complex wine will taste. Enjoy!

Ben Curley, Wine Club Manager

The Flora Marie Vineyard has been the source for our wonderful Turbine Rosé for years now, so we decided it was time to make a 100% red Grenache from Flora Marie as well.  Light to medium in body, this wine boasts incrediblly bright red raspberries and cherries, with a crisp acidic finish with a hint of spice to go along with.

Technical Details

Sonoma Coast
Pouring wine on Anaba's pickleball court.

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