2022 Turbine Pétillant Naturel #2

First ever Pet-Nat made here at Anaba.
Perfect sparkling wine for all of your celebrations!

You may ask what Pétillant Naturel AKA Pét-Nat is…  It’s a type of winemaking where still fermenting wine is bottled to make them sparkle delicately with no additional sugar added.  Which means, we bottle the wine before the initial fermentation ends, resulting in a softly fizzy sparkling wine.  Unlike the “traditional” style used by Champange houses that induce a secondary fermentation inside the bottle to create bubbles.

Long story short, this wine is delicious and if you’ve never had or heard of a Pét-Nat wine, Anaba’s Pét-Nat should be your first one!



This wine is light pink in color and has aromas of canned fruit salad, pear blossom, and golden delicious apple with tiny bubbles and creamy effervescence.

*Please note that all Pétillant Naturel wines are unfiltered.  This is because of the yeast still present in the bottle from this winemaking style.*



Technical Details

Pouring wine on Anaba's pickleball court.

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