Anaba Poolside 3-Pack

Anaba Poolside 3-Pack

We put together this can’t-miss three-pack, perfect for all of your end-of-summer activities! Hiking, camping, or swimming, these wines can be enjoyed anywhere! This Poolside Pack includes –

(1) Bottle of our BRAND NEW 2020 Turbine Chardonnay
(1) Bottle of our NEW RELEASE 2019 Turbine Red Blend
(1) Bottle of our 2018 Turbine White Blend

We are so excited to add the new, 2020 stainless steel fermented Turbine Chardonnay to the Turbine line-up. These wines are meant to be shared and enjoyed ANY night of the week. Fresh, fun, and lively, these wines will pair nicely with a variety of foods but also can be enjoyed on their own!

Sandra DeMaria, Estate Director
The three bottles of wine included in the three pack in the foreground with a swimming pool in the background.

The Wines


This bundle includes:

  • 2019 Turbine Red
  • 2019 Turbine White, Rhône Blend
  • 2020 Turbine Chardonnay